Sub-Zero wine cooler repair

The Repair and Upkeep of Sub-Zero Wine Coolers

Wine Coolers

Wine coolers are a luxury appliance that allow you to store and age wine to improve its taste and quality. Even a slight malfunction of your wine cooler can ruin the aging process and create a sour, unpalatable wine. Have your wine cooler examined once a year and if it needs repairs then have Sub-Zero wine cooler repair take care of it. The longer that your wine is in an environment that is detrimental to its aging process the worse it will be for it.

Wine Cooler Woes

Unlike most other appliances in your household it can be rather difficult to identify any problems that your wine cooler is having. Unlike your other appliances you do not regularly take food items out of the wine cooler. This means that you have nothing to indicate to you that your wine is being stored at an improper temperature. You may also not taste the wine that you are aging for years, so any problems may remain invisible until you perform maintenance on it. This is all the more reason that regular maintenance with Sub-Zero wine cooler repair is vital for your wine cooler. Another problem is that wine coolers are silent. They will not make unusual noises or disturb you when they are malfunctioning. You will be left entirely in the dark should your wine cooler abruptly kick the bucket.

Improper Installation

If you have a free standing wine cooler then there are improper ways to install it. A free standing wine cooler will release heat behind it, which allows it to maintain the optimal wine cooling temperature of approximately 55 degrees. If you put your wine cooler against a wall in an enclosed space or under a counter it may be unable to disperse heat. This will lead to an inefficiency in your wine cooler’s ability to keep its temperature stable. Rather than take your wine cooler in for repairs here, just call Sub-Zero wine cooler repair and ask them what to do in this scenario and how to properly install and store your wine so that this problem does not arise. The easiest way to solve this problem is to get a built-in wine cooler rather than a freestanding wine cooler if you intend to put it in such an encapsulated enclosure such as under a cabinet.

Improper Storage

How you age your wine can determine its taste. A wine that has a taste you do not agree with may not be because of your wine cooler and may be because of the way that you aged your wine. Different temperatures and different lengths of aging will produce different tastes. If you want all of your wine to taste the same over time then get a single zone wine cooler and be content with the flavor that you produce. If you need wine for different occasions or wish to experiment with wine flavors then get a dual zone wine cooler so that you can store wine bottles at different temperatures for different amounts of time. Dual zones allow you to find flavors that you like faster than single zone wine coolers. If your wine cooler is creating inconsistent or irregular flavors then it may be an issue with your wine cooler and you should have Sub-Zero wine cooler repair take a look at it.

Ideal Conditions

If you plan on aging a lot of wine then you should probably know what you should be aiming for. The ideal temperature for wine aging is around the mid 50s and for humidity try to keep your wine cooler at about 70%. Keep your wine out of the way of any sun or it will be ruined. It only takes one hot day by a window to cause all sorts of nasty flavors to come about in your wine. Time is good for wine and the longer that you age your wine the better. If everything is ideal and you are still finding that your wine cooler is producing poor conditions for your wine then take your wine cooler in for an examination at a Sub-Zero wine cooler repair shop.

Clean Your Wine Cooler

Finally, you will need to clean your wine cooler every once in a while. To do this you should make sure that your wine cooler is unplugged, and then remove everything inside of it. Keep the wine out of the sun and work quickly. Warm water, detergent, and a rag, are all that should be necessary to clean your wine cooler completely. This will reduce the number of times that you need to visit Sub-Zero wine cooler repair for serious problems.