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Bacteria, Mold and Your Refrigerator

Good Food, Good Refrigerator

Keep your refrigerator clean and fresh if you want your food to remain delicious. Regardless of what you are putting in your refrigerator, if your refrigerator is dirty or malfunctioning then it will start to spread its problems to your food. Regular maintenance with Sub-Zero refrigerator repair West Hollywood can keep your perishables from perishing in your refrigerator.

More Than Just Expiring

Food can go bad in more ways than just expiring. Sure the expiration date on your foods is a good indicator that they may well be worth throwing out once they are past their prime but other things can inflict your food. If you have spilled liquids and crusty food in your refrigerator just sitting around then they are growing bacteria. Most bacteria will not be killed by the temperature of your refrigerator. Even on the colder settings they will nestle in wherever it is warm enough and begin to grow colonies which can spread to your other foods. Before heading to Sub-Zero refrigerator repair West Hollywood you should clean out your refrigerator to make sure that none of these bacteria hotbeds are sitting around.

You will want to remove all of the food you have in the refrigerator and place it somewhere sanitary and safe. Next take a dishrag, water, and dish soap and begin to wipe down every level of your refrigerator. While you are primarily looking for nasty spots where old food has accumulated, you also want to wipe down spots that otherwise look clean. Lots of food particles are invisible to the naked eye and they can be nutrition for things that you do not want in your refrigerator.


Another nasty visitor that you probably do not want around is mold. Mold is one of those nasty things that, once it is in the air, it will stick around for months; growing on everything that it has a chance to grow on. Sub-Zero refrigerator repair West Hollywood will be unable to help you with any mold problems that you face because the primary colony for mold probably is not in the refrigerator but is in the air. If you have not had mold problems yet then keep everything clean. Wipe down your counters and throw out old food on a regular basis. If you have anything that is going to be stored in your refrigerator then make sure it is covered.

Once you have had mold then the chances of it returning explode. Your routine will need to be extra stringent. You will need to clean out all old food as quickly as possible, clean off any food residue on dishes immediately, and throw out food the moment it starts to go bad in your refrigerator. If you lapse then the mold will take hold wherever it can and you will never be rid of it.

Breeding Grounds

Bacteria and mold will grow much faster and in greater strength if they are given ideal living conditions. Deprive them of that and you can buy yourself time. Bacteria and mold want a moist, humid location that has a source of warmth. Your refrigerator can get that way if its motor is not working properly or if your temperature settings are not adjusted properly. If your motor is malfunctioning then visit Sub-Zero refrigerator repair West Hollywood. Should the problem be in your temperature settings then just adjust the dial inside of your refrigerator up to be colder.

Other factors that may provide the ideal location for your unwanted guests are a refrigerator door that is not sealing properly. A door that is not shutting is warming everything inside of your refrigerator and is overexerting your motor. Take your refrigerator to Sub-Zero refrigerator repair West Hollywood to fix any problems with your refrigerator door. There are some spots you cannot do anything about so choose what foods to leave there wisely. The spot right underneath your refrigerator’s light will be warmer than any other spots in you refrigerator.

If you are going to place foods on the top shelf then make sure to only place things there that will not grow bacteria or mold. Anything that can spoil or go bad should go elsewhere. That means things such as canned soda are alright to place on the top shelf but fresh produce, dairy, and other things that readily spoil should go on the bottom shelves or in their own drawers. This will minimize any damage that bacteria and mold can cause. Should any of your shelves or drawers break then contact Sub-Zero refrigerator repair West Hollywood.