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Wolf Gas Grills and Appliance Repair

The Dilemma of the Gas Grill

You have bought a Wolf gas grill and are ready to fire up some scrumptious burgers and savory hotdogs on it. Alas, it is the mid-autumn and there won’t be any reason to barbeque for months. You set your Wolf gas grill out in your backyard and wait until a proper occasion arrives. Summer arrives and your opportunity presents itself; it is time to start barbequing or it would be if your gas grill was working. Unfortunately months exposed to the harsh rain, sun, and other elements has damaged your grill. You can take it to Wolf appliance repair Culver City or you can take a look at it yourself.


No matter how excellent an appliance it, it is susceptible to damage by the elements. Your Wolf gas grill has endured the seasons outdoors and now needs a bit of care for you. The first step to giving it that care is finding out what is wrong with your grill. First things first, try to start your grill up and see what is causing problems for it.

When you turn the flame on you may notice a low flame or low heat output. This is a big problem as anything cooked on a gas grill needs lots of heat fast. Luckily this problem is as simple to fix as it is common. The problem that you face here is with the regulator. You can take your Wolf gas grill into Wolf appliance repair Culver City for repairs or you can take care of it yourself.

Another issue with heating could be caused by a burner being blocked by something. If part of your grill is outputting heat normally and another part is hardly giving you any heat, the chances are it is a blocked burner. Once again this is a problem that can be solved by taking your Wolf gas grill to Wolf appliance repair Culver City but it really is something you can fix on your own.

The worst and nastiest problem that you can face is a grill that just will not light. Should you meet a Wolf gas grill that refuses to set a flame for you then your igniter may be broken. This can be for any number of reasons and unless you are well versed in the wiring of gas grills, you probably will need to take this in to a professional shop for repairs.


For a regulator that has decided that it needs to stick rather than release its flaming payload, the solution is rather simple. First things first you will want to disable the gas connection and make sure that it is not currently pumping gas for your safety. Once the gas line is no longer attached open up your grill and set all of your valves to their highest setting. After a bit turn them all back down to off and put the gas line back on. This will unstick your regulator, allowing you to use your grill normally. If you bring your gas grill into Wolf appliance repair Culver City they may just replace the regulator but the premise is the same.

Burners that are clogged and which are creating uneven flames just need to be cleaned. Before attempting any types of repairs, remove the gas line from the grill for your own safety. Next find the grill that is giving you problems and unbolt it. Open it up and remove and debris that has collected inside of it. This can mean wiping it down and cleaning it thoroughly. Afterwards put it back together and reconnect your gas line.

The smallest problem, an igniter that is not lighting your grill, is actually the biggest issue of them all. Unfortunately there are not many things that you can to make an igniter work again. There just are not any little tricks you can perform to consistently revive an igniter. What you are going to have to do is call up Wolf appliance repair Culver City and have them order and install a new igniter for you. You can sometimes get around that by opening up your grill, following all standard safety procedures first, and cleaning out your igniter.

Sometimes, like your burners, igniters can be gunked up with debris. Other times it will be because your igniter’s wiring has gone bad or other technical problems that will require a replacement. If you are the luckiest person ever, the problem can just be that the batteries have run out on your igniter on a battery powered igniter gas grill. Chances are that that is not the case though and you are going to have to call Wolf appliance repair Culver City.