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Your Appliances and Their Maintenance

When Appliances Breakdown

All appliances are built with an average lifespan in mind. Over the course of their lifespan they will become damaged, stop working, or just generally lose quality until they finally hit their last leg. You can keep their degradation to a minimum with Wolf appliance repair La Canada and by treating your appliances well.

Ice Makers

Keeping an ice maker working well involves regularly cleaning it out and repairing the heating coil if it ever becomes loose or damaged. You will begin to notice an irregularity in your ice’s ability to flow from your ice maker when your heating coil is damaged. The job of the heating coil is to warm ice to keep it from sticking to the sides of your ice maker. When it breaks then you are stuck with less capacity and eventually an entirely jammed ice maker. Unplug your ice maker before doing any work on it or you will burn yourself. Carefully make sure that the heating coil is properly attached to the ice maker and that its wiring is not damaged in anyway. If the wiring is damaged then you can contact Wolf appliance repair La Canada for repairs. While you have it unplugged wash and wipe down the insides of your ice cooler with rubbing alcohol. Rubbing alcohol will kill any bacteria growing inside of your ice cooler while evaporating harmlessly without contaminating your ice.


To keep a freezer working properly you need to make sure that its door is functioning as it should. When a freezer door breaks it no longer is capable of circulating its cooling agents and thus it is no longer doing anything. You will be able to identify a broken freezer door fairly easily most of the time. Either the freezer door will not remain shut when you close it or it will not seal when you close it. In some cases the door may have a slight leak that is difficult to catch. Listen to your freezer and make sure that it is turning on and circulating when you have closed it. If it is not even though it is nowhere near cold enough, then your freezer has a problem and should be taken to Wolf appliance repair La Canada.


Refrigerators tend to work just fine until their dying days unless a big problem creeps up. Much like freezers you will be able to identify a refrigerator that is malfunctioning due to its door not shutting properly by listening to it. As opposed to how a freezer would not turn on if its door was not shut, a refrigerator will not turn off. The refrigerator will stay on and keep pumping out cold air to cool down its contents until it wears itself out and dies. If your refrigerator door is broken then see Wolf appliance repair La Canada.

Other common problems include lights malfunctioning or breaking. You can replace the bulb inside of your refrigerator just like you would anywhere else. If you cannot find an appropriate bulb at your hardware store then contact a repair shop to find one. Save your old bulb until you have a new one so that you know what you need to replace it with.

Another common complaint with refrigerators is their temperature. Luckily this problem is not even a problem at all. If your refrigerator is too cold or too warm then adjust the temperature dial within your refrigerator until it is at the appropriate temperature for your food. You do not want ice crystals forming on your foodstuffs but you also do not want anything spoiling. If even after you have adjusted your temperature the cooling is not working properly then something may be broken and you should have your refrigerator repaired by Wolf appliance repair La Canada.

Wine Coolers

For anyone that enjoys aging their own wine, the wine cooler is a wonderful tool. If at any point during the aging process your wine is subjected to prolonged sun or heat exposure though it can change or ruin the taste. You may end up with a flat, sour wine if you are not careful. Make sure that your wine cooler is capable of venting warm air and that it is kept where sunlight cannot hit it. If you notice that it is especially warm then check to see if there is anything immediately wrong with it. Sometimes wine coolers become unplugged or they are crammed in spaces too tight to allow the cooling mechanism to ventilate air. If everything looks good but it is still not working then take it to Wolf appliance repair La Canada.