Sub-Zero and Wolf Product Recalls


Recalls are in your Best Interest

For your safety and the health of all customers, appliance are sometimes recalled. These recalls are generally done because a model has been deemed unsafe for one reason or another. The odds are that a component or chemical used in the construction or maintenance of that appliance has been discovered to be dangerous. In the past widely used substances such as asbestos have been found to be unsafe and have been removed for these very reasons. Sub-Zero and Wolf recalls do happen from time to time but it is not out of negligence or malice; quite the opposite.

When a recall is issued it is advised to take advantage of it to send in your appliance right away so that it can be replaced with a safe alternative that will serve you just as well.


How to Find Out About Recalls

You can find out about recalls by periodically checking the Sub-Zero and Wolf website at If you are subscribed to a recall newsletter then you can receive information about recalls through that as well. Most of the time recalls will not be announced on the news in any way. You will have to find out information through your supplier, the manufacturer, or your local distributor. No-one wants to hide Sub-Zero and Wolf recalls from you, but information can take time to circulate.


How Recalls Work

Once a recall has been issued you have a period of time where it is possible to ship your appliance back to the manufacturer to be replaced. The window where this can be done is often several years long, but it will vary depending on the recall and the company involved. The sooner that you send your appliance in to be replaced the better.

A recall is only ever issued after a problem has been identified and thoroughly researched to see if it was a defect of a few machines, if it is a problem with many of them, or all of them. Some appliances may not work properly not because the appliance manufacture was faulty but because it was damaged at some point before being sold to you, or it could have been modified poorly. Identifying where things went wrong is essential for Sub-Zero and Wolf recalls.


Cause for Alarm?

If at any point in time you think that your product is faulty or that you have identified a problem that has been otherwise overlooked, you are free to contact Sub-Zero and Wolf customer service to report this issue. This can help the company identify when there is a problem and if research into a recall is necessary. Your report may be crucial into research on the necessity of a recall.

Some problems may be caused by aging parts, overused parts, or an appliance that was damaged in some other way. To see if it is an inherent issue in your appliance you should take your Sub-Zero or Wolf appliance in for repairs first to identify problems. Sub-Zero and Wolf recalls will only be done if an issue is legitimate and inherent to the model.


Recalls Should Not Cause Alarm

A recalled product is not a reason to assume that a company is terrible or that it often puts out bad products. It is wise to review all products that you plan on buying before you buy them. Recalls only indicate that during the development of an appliance something was overlooked or after production and distribution had begun something new was discovered. Sub-Zero and Wolf recalls mean that the company is actively looking for anything that may harm their customers.

You should only be alarmed if a number of recalls are issued within rapid succession. If a company is consistently putting out products that are bad for their customers then it becomes dangerous to shop from them. There are exceptions to this though. It may be that a component commonly used in a company’s products was found to be unsafe and this caused a large number of their products to be recalled at once. Learning to identify these exceptions can be helpful to finding a good product.


Keeping a Product

Even if you feel like a product is safe for you even after a recall is issued, you should still send it back in for a replacement. A minor inconvenience now may end up saving you from severe problems later. Sub-Zero and Wolf recalls are quick, painless, and free anyway, so holding off on them is not beneficial for you.